Paintin' Place was established in 1968 as a partnership.  A few years later the business was purchased by one of the founding partners, Dennis Macik.  The name was changed to Macik's Paintin' Place Inc.  Since then, the business has been a family affair.

With the help of his wife Penny, they have built a quality automotive body repair facility.  Dennis' long time interest in old cars and hot rods permeated almost all aspects of the growing business.  Not being content to do only collision repair, he was constantly involved in restorations, hot rods, customizing, custom painting and the like.

Many years later Dennis and Penny's children, Dawn, Jo and Dane all helped in the repair or administration of vehicles going through the workplace.  At the age of 13, it was apparent that Dane would become one of the shops main employees.  He started his first hot rod (a '23 T-Bucket) 3 years before getting his license.  By the time he was able to drive legally, his T-Bucket was ready to have the tires smoked.

We have been at the same location for over 40 years, and have enjoyed working with 3 generations of customers.  We are located in Hector, Minnesota a rural town in Renville County which is very much a farming community.  We are far enough away from the large metro areas that the prices for labor is kept to a reasonable figure, but close enough that we are within easy reach of many of the fine vendors and services they can offer.  Our goal is and always has been to provide the highest quality product for the lowest and most affordable price.
We are dedicated and driven to provide our customers with the highest quality restorations, customs and streetrods in the surrounding area and beyond.  We will strive to go above and beyond on each and every project we take on.  Quality will never be replaced with haste, as our name and reputation goes along with each project.  Doing all this at an affordable price is a very important objective of ours.