Start of project
Start of project
Start of project
Blasting body
Clean body
Quarter repair
Door holes
Shaved doors
Firewall before
Complete firewall removed
New firewall mockup
New firewall fabricated
Rear storage mockup
Rear storage fabricated
Body on chassis
Inner fender mockup
Inner fender fabricated
Grill filler fabricated
Complete mockukp
Complete mockup
Modified dash
Engine bay fabrication
Roof in primer
Body in primer
Quarter panel
Primer mock up
Primer mock up
Engine bay in primer
Exhaust notch
Epoxy priming
Bottom body work
Bottom in primer
Painted bottom
Stock cowl
Smooth cowl
Firewall ready for paint
Jambs painted
Dash assembly
Engine bay assembly
TIG welding exhaust
Polished stainless exhaust
Smoothing hood bottom
Graphic airbrushed
Fully painted
Finished project
Finished project
Happy customer
Finished engine bay
Close up of Chevrolet