Top Chop
Project mockup
No firewall
New firewall
Reshaping hood
Radiator cover
Fitting front end
Tailgate / rollpan
Wheel tub
Box in primer
Dash and A/C vents
Air cleaner cover
Interior insulation
Assembled chassis
Ready for paint
Cab / front end painted
Polished hood
Polished cab
Painted engine block
Cab on chassis
Cab forward assembled
Grille, bumper, lights installed
Fuel tank design
Fuel tank in progress
Fuel tank finished
Fitting wood floor
Exhaust tip notch
Ready for paint
Fenders, misc. painted
Polished box
Inside of box
Finished engine bay
Finished project
Finished project
Finished project
Finished project
Brake lights off
Brake lights on
GoodGuys Show
Reflection picture