Project as delivered
Project as delivered
Project as delivered
Project as delivered
Project as delivered
Frame in jig
Rear frame section
Fabricating new rear frame
Boxing frame
Laser cut parts
Rear suspension
Chassis plumbed
Brake lines
Rolling chassis
Body mounts
Original underbody
Restructuring underbody
Firewall mock up
Removed original firewall
Fabricated new firewall
Fabricating new floors
Fabricated new floors
Fabricated transmission tunnel
Original door opening
Previous hinge insall
Removing original door post
Restructuring rear of cab
Fabricated new door opening
Fabricated new door opening
Cab corner previous patches
Cab corner removed
Fabricating cab corner
Damaged cab brace
New cab brace
Pass cab corner
Cab corner metal work
Radiator support
Grill opening
Fender edge
Fabricating inner fenders
Fabricating duct work
Top view engine bay
Fan shroud
Engine bay
Duct filler panel
Fender past repairs
Fender past repairs
Fender buck
Fabricating fender
Welding fender
Fender front view
Fender fully tack welded
Fender welded
Cowl area
Cowl / door jamb
Passenger fender
Original door
Original door
Fabricating new door shell
Fabricating window channel
Upper door shell fabricated
New window sweeps
Outer door upper fabricated
Fitting outer door top
Hemmed door edge
Completed door top
Steering column mounted
Fabricating roof skins
Fabricating roof skins
Windshield opening
New windshield post
Roof section removed
New roof section
Rear roof corner
Roof fully tack welded
Upper cab jamb
Roof fully welded
Driver side metal work
Driver side metal work
View with door open
Pass door skin fabrication